Relevant Reading Support For Those With Aphasia


Aphasia Readers: Level 1 is a supplementary recovery tool for adults with Aphasia who want to practice reading aloud to improve their speech. Level 1 is designed to be a base-level practice, with mostly one-syllable words. This book has six total themes designed to relate to a person who is early on in their recovery.

There are multiple ways to use this book:

Practice the dialogue by yourself or with a loved one, caregiver, or friend.

At the end of each section, you’ll find customizable pages to utilize outside of practice and detailed pictures to help with writing practice.

In each sentence, there are pictures associated with certain words. This is to help with word retrieval in case you get stuck.

Feel free to read one section a day, or if you’re having a good day, read multiple sections to build on your practice.

Don't forget to recall your practice phrases throughout your day-to-day activities.


What You Will Learn

Hold A Dialogue With Others

Those with aphasia often have trouble holding a dialogue with others which can leave them feeling lonely. This book will foster confidence in those wishing to be more social.

Confidence in Communication

Practicing something that's relevant to you as an adult makes you feel good about your recovery and more confident when communicating with others.

Customizable Sections

Want to practice your coffee order? Put your practice to good use by filling out our customizable sections to utilize outside of practice times in real life situations.

Writing Practice

Work on your writing skills by describing scenes at the end of each practice session. You'll find them fun, entertaining, and filled with lots to write about.


For more resources, check out our FREE Fridge Functional Phrases for a fun and easy way to practice. Prepare for an upcoming seasonal gathering or engage in a variety of topics from sports to dating.